April 2010

April 30th, 2010
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Gazpacho, Borscht, Won ton, Matzo ball, Minestrone. Soup has been at the world's table since, well, since before there were tables. Think prehistoric times. According to Andrew F. Smith, culinary history teacher at the New School University in Manhattan and author of several culinary histories, people consumed soup in the Mediterranean as far back as Neolithic times.In 200 B.C., the Japanese...
April 28th, 2010
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Another tempest loomed over the horizon in Brooklyn's Crown Heights. A 2008 series of events led to what some believe aided in fueling volatile relations between black and Jewish area residents, culminating in a confluence of sect-on-sect crime that might ultimately prove even more hazardous than the scarring the community experienced back in 1991. That summer, a 7-year-old Guyanese boy, Gavin...
April 23rd, 2010
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At first, yerba mate (pronounced MAH-tay) tastes bitter. When you suck the hot infusion through a metal straw, your tongue curls with the pungent flavors of hay, grass clippings, and tobacco. However, give it a chance. You just might come around—I did.I first tried it in Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan city with posh neighborhoods and flair for fashion. Residents love to compare it to Paris. I was...
April 23rd, 2010
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Janice S. Ellis
The upcoming elections in November, unlike many others, should not be treated as your ordinary, off-year, marginally obligatory, civic affair. The outcomes of too many important issues are riding on who we choose to represent us. We can ill afford to be disinterested and disengaged. The healthcare reform issue has shown us that. But there are critical issues beyond healthcare reform. On the...
April 22nd, 2010
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President Barack Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate is just over 10 percent, and many companies have shed workers to try to stay afloat.Tired of working for faceless corporations, many minorities are either going into business for themselves, or moving into a completely different line of work....