Spotlight On Culture is proud to be the only online magazine that covers issues and topics that are "About Us—All of Us."

Spotlight on Culture is a great place to learn more about the values, traditions, holiday celebrations, foods, dress and other cultural traditions of families, racial and ethnic groups across America and from other places around the world.

The articles are to inform, entertain and inspire each of us to become more aware and curious about all the many peoples who are fellow occupants on planet earth, who may be our neighbor, may live in our community, our city, go to our children’s schools, attend our church. We encounter people who are different from us in many ways.  Why not try to learn more about their way of life.

We can find great comfort in the commonalities we share. We can expand our knowledge as we learn of those things that are different.

It is hoped that the articles featured in Spotlight on Culture will inspire you to explore….