About USA on Race

USAonRace.com is an online magazine dedicated to increasing a better understanding about race and ethnic relations — about people of different colors and cultures.

Our history began in the summer of 2008 with the launch of RiseUp™, a weekly print and online magazine about race relations in the USA and around the world. RiseUp™ arrived on a crowded media stage of dailies, weeklies and special-interest magazines. Its focus was race and racial tension — a "beat" often overlooked by the mainstream press as a standard feature. If offered a fresh take on one of the most important issues facing contemporary society. The print version appeared as an insert in twelve (12) national newspapers, including The Washington Post, the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, The Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, among others. Despite an overwhelming response and a debut circulation of over 4 million, an economic downturn, as well as reduced advertiser and investor spending, forced the newly-launched print version to end.

USAonRace.com was originally launched in 2008 along with the print version as a monthly E-Magazine, as USARiseUp.com, with monthly issues published in a downloadable magazine format. In July 2011, the format was changed to one that allows articles about race and ethnicity to be posted and archived in their respective departments as featured sections on the website. Articles from any and all departments and featured sections can be accessed and downloaded based upon membership and subscription options.

*NOTE: Visitors will be able to view the original E-magazines and YouTube videos, bearing the original name, USARiseUp, that are archived on the website.

Our mission is to inform, educate, enlighten, entertain and inspire us to act as members of one humanity as well as shed light on issues of racial inequality, prejudice, stereotyping and more . Each day, the content at USAonRace.com magazine celebrates the differences that make us unique, and sheds light on those issues that divide us, while rediscovering and reaffirming the many things we hold in common.

Our goal is to provide a forum where everyone (and we mean, everyone) can engage in an ongoing conversation about race matters – topics they may not be comfortable chatting about in their office hallways, street corners, grocery-store aisles and even their own living rooms.

We intend to do that through a wide range of in-depth and informative articles, spread over the departments and feature sections whose focus mirror our everyday lives.

Each day, our fully-downloadable PDF-formatted articles will cover issues in the areas of business, cultural uniqueness, education, health and politics through the lens of race and ethnicity.

Why the name USAonRace?

It is because we hope to engage people all across America to have an unprecedented open, honest, and ongoing conversation about how race and ethnicity is still very much an issue in our lives—where we live, where we work, where we worship—even where we chose to eat, shop, or go to school.

Other Initiatives

USAonRace also publishes the web pavilion YouthonRace.org, which was launched in 2011. YouthonRace.org is produced by the Youth Institute on Race and Ethnicity, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The mission of the Youth Institute on Race and Ethnicity is to assist parents and educators in building awareness and understanding of race and ethnic diversity among children and students.

Additionally, RaceReport.com, launched in 2012, publishes, on a daily basis, the most current race relations news and events across the United States and around the world.

Our Team

Janice Ellis

Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D., Publisher & Executive Editor, is Founder and Publisher of a series of online educational resources and tools to increase understanding across race and ethnicity. USAonRace.com, an online educational magazine was conceived and developed in 2007. The magazine covers important topics about race and ethnicity in the areas of education, business, health, politics, and cultural uniqueness. USAonRace.com also hosts an online dialogue, the National Collegiate Dialogue on Race Relations, with participating professors and students from some of the nation's major colleges and universities. USAonRace.com has additional features and resources to help us understand our differences, bridge our divisions, and celebrate our commonalities. Dr. Ellis brings 30 years of public and private sector experience to the leadership of this work. She has written for professional and trade publications, and has been a newspaper, radio, and currently online, columnist throughout her career. Dr. Ellis holds a Ph.D. in Communication Arts, and two Master of Arts degrees, one in Communication Arts and a second in Political Science, all from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.

Chris EllisChristopher S. EllisVice President, Business Development, has over 13 years of experience in marketing. He has worked in a variety of industries including Architectural/Engineering, Public Relations, High-Tech, Health Care and Small Business Development. Chris is a member of the original team that developed the business plan that continues to guide the mission and focus of USAonRace both nationally and globally Contact: cellis@usaonrace.com

Katherine Nussberger

Katherine NussbergerManaging Editor, joined our team in October 2009 after more than 15 years as a journalist in both Arizona and Idaho,and managing editor of two hardcopy newspapers in North Idaho. She was also the online editor for a website news source in the same region, which she later developed into a hardcopy publication for her local community. Kathy worked as a co-editor of a professional print and online newsletter that delved into the issues surrounding the struggling teens industry of private schools and programs throughout the world. In her spare time, Kathy worked as the regional director for a non-profit organization that strives to close the multicultural gap between our American youth and high school students from over 75 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and several states from the former Soviet Union, which added to her knowledge of racial, ethnic, and cultural issues througout the world. Contact: knussberger@usaonrace.com or knussberger@nidaho.net

Jack Hope

Jack Hope, Associate Editor, Jack has worked as an Web Developer and Content Manager since 1997, most recently for the University of Kansas Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and with BOLD Internet Solutions. While studying journalism at the University of Kansas, he also designed and edited the History of American Journalism for the University of Kansas. Contact: jfh3@spot8.nett


Our Contributors

D.A. Barber

D.A. Barber spent nine years in Los Angeles as both a print and radio journalist (commercial and non-commercial radio). He received a 1981 Los Angeles Press Club Award for work on a two-part print series on smog, wrote for virtually every major publication in the area, and authored over 90 local and national radio reports as well as producing several weekly radio news shows - one which aired state-wide in California, and another state-wide in Arizona. Barber went on to briefly become news director for an east coast commercial radio station and feature writer for the Utica Observer-Dispatch before returning to the southwest as Program Director for a non-commercial radio station, producer of two non-commercial radio documentaries on environmental issues, writer for the University of Arizona, and writer/analyst for a Energytrend.com. Barber wrote for the University of Arizona News Services' Report on Research for six years, and co-authored the first edition of Insider's Guide to Tucson. His print material has appeared in a number of national and regional publications, including Backpacker, American Desert Magazine, New Age Journal, In Business, East West Journal, L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles Reader, Ecology Digest, Tucson Weekly, Inside Tucson Business, Biz AZ, and Los Angeles Herald Sunday Magazine and Huffington Post. Contact: dbarber@dakotacom.net

Chris Benguhe

Chris Benguhe, an internationally published author and columnist is a former PEOPLE Magazine writer and tabloid editor of The National Enquirer, The National Examiner and the Globe. His syndicated columns and articles have been carried in dozens of newspapers across America as well as globally in the Messenger. He currently writes for the Catholic Sun, SperoForum.com, and is a contributing editor for Rebel Magazine. Contact: cbenguhe@yahoo.com

Francesca Biller

Francesca Biller is an award-winning investigative journalist, writer, and commentator and has been covering politics, the arts, race relations, popular culture, multiculturalism and social issues for print, radio, television and the web for nearly twenty years. In addition to writing in-depth investigative pieces, Biller has now expanded her writing career to include critical essays, political commentary and satire, verse and blogs about her mixed heritage and culture. Her work can be found on many major news websites and on her own blogs. Currently, she is a special contributor for The Japanese American National Museum in which she writes exclusive articles about mixed race and identity. Contact: francescabiller10@gmail.com

Jodie Blankenship

Jodie Blankenship is devoted to exploring issues through meticulous investigation and provocative discussion so that more than just facts are delivered, and the impact of an issue is thoroughly questioned. Blankenship has contributed to local, national, and global publications on politics, culture, environment, business, travel, and race. Blankenship's work can be found are at www.USAonRace.com! Blankenship has a MA in Communication Arts-Journalism and a BA in English-Communications. Contact: jblankenship@usariseup.com

Marlene Caroselli

Marlene Caroselli, Ed.D, is the author of 60+ business books, including Jesus, Jonas, and Janus: The Leadership Triumvirate (available on Kindle and Nook). After earning her doctorate in education at the University of Rochester, Marlene Caroselli left the public classroom and her native New York State in 1980 and headed to the West Coast. She soon began working as a manager for Trizec Properties, Inc. and as an adjunct professor for UCLA and National University. She has also conducted programs for Clemson University, University of Rochester, Michigan State University, and Southwest Missouri State University. In 1984, she founded the Center for Professional Development and began adding books to her list of professional achievements. Her first book, The Language of Leadership, was chosen a main selection by Newbridge's Executive Development book club. In addition to books, Dr. Caroselli writes frequently for Stephen Covey's Executive Excellence, for the Employment Times, as well as for numerous other print and electronic publications. She has conducted training in more than half the states in the United States and has presented programs as well in Guam, Singapore, Montreal and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Her corporate clients include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Mobil, Chevron, Rockwell, Hughes Aircraft and Magnavox. Numbered among the federal agencies with which she has worked are the Departments of Defense, Labor, Transportation, Agriculture, Interior, the General Services Administration, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. She writes extensively about education and business topics. Among her 60+ books are several for teachers and trainers — among them, 500 Creative Classroom Concepts. Additionally, she has authored Hiring and Firing, The Critical Thinking Tool Kit, and Principled Persuasion, named a Director's Choice by Doubleday Book Club. Contact: mccpd@frontiernet.net

Rita Cook

Rita Cook is a writer/editor specializing in a variety of subjects including health, travel, eco-friendly, and lifestyle. With over 1200 articles to her credit in the past 13 years and six books, she is also the Editor of The Insider Magazine and Managing Editor for Celeb Staff Magazine. She started her career in Chicago working with well-known Sun Times Columnist Irv Kupcinet, writes a weekly eco-friendly column called "The Green Life" for the Dallas Morning News and worked on many other national and regional publications. Cook, a member of the Texas Auto Writer's Association, also hosts Sunday morning in Los Angeles' on KPRO's The Insider Mag Radio Show with featured segments such as, "I'm Standing Here" and "Behind the Wheel." Her latest book, published by History Press called "A Brief History of Fort Worth" was released in May 2011. Contact: rcook13@earthlink.net

Janice Ellis

Janice S. Ellis writes the Publisher's Note and Cause and Civility on USAonRace where she analyzes race and equality issues in America. She has been a published author for more than three decades, writing commentary on race, politics, education and other social issues for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, The Kansas City Star, a major metropolitan business journal, The Milwaukee Business Journal and for community newspapers The Milwaukee Courier, The Kansas City Globe, and The Kansas City Call. She has written radio commentary for a number of years for one the largest ABC radio affiliates in Wisconsin and subsequently wrote and delivered a 2-minute spot on the two largest Arbitron rated radio stations in the Greater Kansas City area. She has also written for a number of national trade publications focusing on healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. Ellis also is also the Publisher and Executive Editor for RaceReport.com, where she is also a contributor. Contact: jellis@usaonrace.com

Eileen Hodges

Eileen Hodges has been writing and teaching for over ten years. She is a freelance writer and ghostwriter and her current projects include a book on parenting as well as the novelization of a screenplay. Her work has been in literary journals and travel books including Traveler's Tales "The World is a Kitchen." Hodges has an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College, writes poetry on Facebook and is a devoted vegetarian foodie. Contact: eileenhodges@gmail.com

Jane Leder

Jane Leder writes feature articles, such as the Cultural Leadership program in Washington, D.C. and St. Louis, posted: http://www.usaonrace.com/feature-stories/cultural-leadership-nurturing-o.... Other feature articles by Jane include a full range of topics with publishing in Psychology Today, Woman's Day, McCall's, Vegetarian Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, North Shore Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and others. Contact: j.leder@comcast.net

Laura Monroe

Laura Monroe is a writer, editor, and mother of two. She has a master's degree in history and cultural studies, with a focus on postcolonial studies and the history of the Southwest. Her work has been syndicated by the Tribune, and she has been published in USAonRace, Mother's Movement Online, and Agora Gallery's ArtMine.com. She is also a staff writer for the biannual magazine ArtIsSpectrum, and a regular contributor/editor for DoOver.com. She currently lives and works in Flagstaff, Arizona. Contact: lacamp316@msn.com

Amy O'Laughlin

Amy O'Loughlin is a freelance writer and award-winning book reviewer. For 10 years, she authored her own book review column for MotherTown Magazine until the publication closed in 2008. Her writing has appeared in Adjunct Advocate, American History, Calyx, World War II, and other print publications, as well as in numerous online publications including FenwayNation, Hoops Addict, IntheFray Magazine, Strange Horizons, and USAonRace. O'Loughlin contributed to the anthology Women Forged in Fire (1st Books Library). She serves as a judge for the annual Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award contest and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle. Contact: amyol1517@gmail.com

Manny Otiko

Manny Otiko has worked in the journalism field for about 18 years. His experience includes stints as a reporter at a daily newspaper, writing for a state agency and several Southern California public relations agencies. Manny has been published in The Riverside Press Enterprise, The LA Sentinel, The LA Wave, The Washington Afro-Am , IE Weekly, Our Weekly, Patch.com, Bleacher Report, PR Daily and News in Black. He has covered a wide variety of subjects such as soccer, media, public relations and business. Contact: mannyotiko@gmail.com

Tony Peterson

Tony Peterson is an African American Army brat who calls Hawaii home, but who has lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for more than twenty-five years. Both Tony's experience in Hawaii and his experience in military base community have shaped ideas about race in the USA. Tony's training and experience are in editing, psychology, youth ministry, and Christian education. He currently serves as an editor, writer, and educator. Tony is married to Laura, and they count six children and eight grandchildren. Contact: tdadpete@gmail.com

Nedda Pourahmady

Nedda Pourahmady is a journalism graduate of Kent State University. She has been passionate about writing since she was a young girl. Crafting creative, engaging copy is her expertise, and she truly enjoys captivating audiences with her intriguing, informative writing style. As an Iranian-American, Nedda is an avid supporter of equality among all races, ethnicities, and cultures. Inspired by her parents who immigrated from Iran to the United States back in the 1970s, Nedda is proud of her roots and truly embraces the Persian culture. To this day, she strives to succeed in all her endeavors, and continues to pursue a promising career in the field of journalism. Contact: nedda.p@gmail.com

Rita Rizzo

Rita Rizzo, CMC, is the Principal of Rizzo & Associates, an Ohio based consulting and training firm. She is a Certified Management Consultant with a Masters Degree in Training and Human Resource Management. Rita has over 27 years experience as a trainer and has provided training and consulting services for over 8000 audiences from corporations, associations, and government. A prolific writer, Rita has authored two books, co-authored two books, ghost written seven books, and author of over 100 articles for web and print magazines. Contact: RRizzo480@aol.com

Russell Roberts

Russell Roberts is an award-winning fulltime freelance writer. He has written and published over four dozen books for both children and adults, including the best-sellers Down the Jersey Shore and Discover the Hidden New Jersey. Roberts lives in New Jersey with his wife, daughter, and a fat, fuzzy, diabolical Calico cat named Rusti. Contact: russrob1@verizon.net

Corinna Underwood

Corinna Underwood has been a published author for more than a decade. Her non-fiction has been published in many outlets including Fox News, Angie's List, Life Extension, Chronogram, After Dark and Alive. She is also the author of Haunted History of Atlanta and North Georgia and Murder and Mystery in Atlanta and the collection of mystery stories Walk On The Darkside. Contact: underwood@ambiguousmedia.net

Alonzo Weston

Alonzo Weston joined the News-Press in 1989 as an intern. He currently covers education and mental health and is also an award-winning columnist. The St. Joseph native is a 2002 graduate of the inaugural class of the Diversity Institute at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. He has been voted the city's favorite newspaper columnist for the past 13 years. Alonzo has served on the St. Joseph library board and is a research associate and chairman of the black archives for the St. Joseph Museums Inc. He received the YWCA/NAACP Kelsey Beshears Racial Justice Award in 2005. The East Side Rotary Club also presented Alonzo with its Community Service Award in 2004. He received a Department of Mental Health Media Award in 2002 for a series of stories on local mental health issues. He also has won numerous Missouri Press Association awards for his columns, features, and investigative reporting. He's been published in magazines and has had byline stories in the Nashville Tennessean and the New York Daily News. Alonzo also created a journalism workshop for minority youth called Reporting L.I.V.E. Information Credit: St. Joseph News-Press Contact: alonzow@npgco.com

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