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January 6th, 2015
Written by Nedra Pickler - Associated Press in Race Relations, Stereotypes & Labels with 0 Comments
In this Nov. 18, 2014 file photo, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, right, with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Calif., left, and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, following a House GOP caucus meeting. Scalise acknowledged that he once addressed a gathering of white supremacists. Now he is the third-highest ranked House Republican in Washington.
Racism and the Republican Party, is there fire where there is smoke? The White House on Monday waded into a controversy over revelations that the House's No. 3 Republican spoke to a white supremacist group 12 years ago, saying who the Republicans have in leadership "says a lot about who they are." White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest repeatedly said Steve Scalise once described himself as "...
December 23rd, 2014
Written by Jacques Billeaud - Associated in Race Relations, Stereotypes & Labels with 0 Comments
This Jan.9, 2013 file photo shows Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaking with the media in Phoenix. Arpaio known for arresting hundreds of immigrants in the country illegally on charges of finding work using fake or stolen identities is planning to close the controversial squad that investigates such cases.
Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio will end his popular and notorious business raids as pressure continues to mount on his office’s arrest tactics and practices. The Arizona sheriff known for crackdowns on people living in the country illegally is giving up his last major foothold in immigration enforcement efforts that won him popularity among voters but gradually were reined in by Washington and the...
December 10th, 2014
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Mario Balotelli posted a picture with text on Instagram that appears to be racist and Anti-Semitic.
Mario Balotelli is being seen as racist and Anti-Semitic for a picture and text he posted on Instagram. Balotelli has been charged by the English Football Association on Friday for posting a message on a social media site that is criticized for being both racist and anti-Semitic. Balotelli uploaded on Instagram a picture of the video-game character Super Mario, with whom the Italy international...
December 2nd, 2014
Written by Jim Salter in National Collegiate Dialogue, Race Relations, Stereotypes & Labels with 22 Comments
Members of the St. Louis Rams raise their arms in awareness of the events in Ferguson, Mo., as they walk onto the field during introductions before an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders, Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, in St. Louis. The players said after the game, they raised their arms in a "hands up" gesture to acknowledge the events in Ferguson.
St. Louis Rams players raised their hands as they walked onto the football field in Sunday’s nationally televised game to show solidarity with other protesters in Ferguson and across the nation about the tragic death of a young unarmed black teen by a police officer. Questions remain in the minds of many people and communities across the country about how the incident was handled in determining...
November 10th, 2014
Written by Rob Harris - AP Sports Writer in National Collegiate Dialogue, Race Relations, Stereotypes & Labels with 23 Comments
The Russian Football Union has been criticized for taking no action against FC Rostov coach Igor Gamula for saying last week he wouldn't sign a defender from Cameroon because the club has "enough dark-skinned players, we've got six of the things."
Black players could boycott the 2018 World Cup, the FIFA anti-racism adviser Tokyo Sexwale believes and he is urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to demand tougher action against racism in football. Sexwale, who was an anti-apartheid campaigner and former political prisoner on Robben Island, is against a boycott but expressed concern in an interview with The Associated Press about the growing...


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