Common Ties That Bind

Exploring common values, living conditions, arts & cultural traditions and practices that cross racial, ethnic, generational, religious, and geographic boundaries; and destinations that offer opportunities to explore and enjoy the diversity and commonalities of the world’s peoples, places, and cultures.
December 20th, 2013
Written by Russell Contreras - Associated Press in Common Ties That Bind with 0 Comments
Santa Claus, while originating in the Europe, has emerged to reflect ethnic and racial diversity.
Children love Santa Claus irrespective of skin color or the makeup of his costume. They eagerly share their wish lists and sit for that famous photograph. In Atlanta, children of many races share their Christmas wish lists with a black Santa Claus. In Houston, Santa dons a red zoot suit and dances to jazz as he hands out gifts in Mexican-American neighborhoods. In Indian Country, Native American...
December 13th, 2013
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Race and racism paused for Mandela if only for a few days while South Africa and the world mourned his transition from the world stage into the annals of history, where his life, legacy and love for freedom will live forever. Black and white, old and young, South Africans by the thousands paid final tribute to their beloved Nelson Mandela. In silence or murmuring, they filed past the coffin....
December 10th, 2013
Written by Julie Pace - AP White House Correspondent in Common Ties That Bind with 0 Comments
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama board Air Force One to travel to South Africa for a memorial service in honor of Nelson Mandela on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 in Andrews Air Force Base, Md.
President Barack Obama was inspired by Nelson Mandela and his fight against racial discrimination. It began when he was a college student and has continued during his public service. For Obama, who was too young to be active in the American civil rights movement, it was Mandela's struggle against apartheid that first drew him into politics. He studied Mandela's speeches and writings while...
December 9th, 2013
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 In this image from TV, Christo Brand the Robben Island jailer talks to The Associated Press Saturday Dec. 7, 2013, in his Cape Town home, about former South African President Nelson Mandela who was assigned to guard from 1978 until his release in 1990. Mandela was convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. The former Robben Island warder Brand said "I want to say Mandela was my prisoner. He became my friend, and was also like a father to me".
Nelson Mandela had the unique ability to turn enemies into allies as evidenced by his relationship with his jailer. The jailer was with Nelson Mandela during all those years the anti-apartheid icon was imprisoned on Robben Island. And, like millions around the world, he has been hit hard by Mandela's death. Yet this South African was not one of Mandela's fellow prisoners. Christo Brand was his...
December 5th, 2013
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In this March 27, 1998 file photo, South African President Nelson Mandela, left, and U.S. President Bill Clinton peer through the bars of prison cell No. 5, the cramped, gray cell where Mandela was jailed for 18 years in his struggle against apartheid, on Robben Island, South Africa. South Africa's president Jacob Zuma says, Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, that Mandela has died. He was 95.
Nelson Mandela, one of the most courageous leaders to fight against racism and racial inequality, has died. Mandela, who became one of the world's most beloved statesmen and a colossus of the 20th century when he emerged from 27 years in prison to negotiate an end to white minority rule in South Africa, has died at age 95. South African President Jacob Zuma made the announcement at a news...


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