August 2014

August 13th, 2014
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The killing of another unarmed black teen has cause rioting and increased racial tension in yet another American city.
Another unarmed black teen has been killed by police, this time in a predominantly black suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, which has a predominantly white police department. Racial tensions have run high for decades in this former railroad town that was once a mostly white St. Louis suburb until demographic changes sent many families packing for more distant communities. Today, Ferguson is...
August 13th, 2014
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Blacks, Hispanics and women do not make up a significant percentage of Apple’s workforce, the largest among the tech giants. But Apple is not alone in its lack of diversity.
Blacks, Hispanics are underrepresented in Apple's workforce, which primarily relies on white and Asian men for its top-paying technology jobs, feeding the perception that Silicon Valley's economic boom is largely excluding blacks, Hispanics, and women. A breakdown released Tuesday by Apple Inc. showed 54 percent of the company's technology jobs in the U.S. are filled by whites and another 23...
August 13th, 2014
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Voting law changes in North Carolina are seen as some of the most restrictive and oppressive to minorities.
Voting Law changes continue to present challenges in many states that have enacted more restrictive requirements in order for citizens to exercise their right to vote. Many of the voting law changes are seen as being more harmful and punitive to minorities. This seems to be the case in North Carolina. Civil rights activists opposed to North Carolina's dramatic voting law changes will use the...
August 9th, 2014
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Hispanic and black high school students have made consistent gains in graduation rates during the past six years.
Black and Hispanic students are closing the achievement gap in Texas, especially when it comes to completing high school. The Texas Education Agency said Tuesday that a record 88 percent of high school students graduated on time last year, marking the sixth straight year of gains. Education Commissioner Michael Williams said the number of Class of 2013 students who finished high school in four...
August 8th, 2014
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Dozens of Jewish children have been traumatized by a gang of teenagers who stormed a school bus in Sydney, Australia and allegedly hurled racial abuse and threats.
Jewish children were subjected to racist and anti-Semitic threats as the rode home on a school bus. The children had been picked up from three Jewish schools. The incident occurred as the bus stopped in a wealthy suburb where the attackers boarded. Dozens of Jewish children have been traumatized by a gang of teenagers who stormed a Sydney school bus and allegedly hurled racial abuse and threats....