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January 20th, 2014
Written by Lucas L. Johnson II - Associated Press in Feature Stories with 0 Comments
In this Aug. 28, 1963 file photo, President Kennedy stands with a group of leaders of the March on Washington at the White House in Washington. Immediately after the march, they discussed civil rights legislation that was finally inching through Congress.
As Americans reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., an audiotape of an interview with the civil rights leader discovered in a Tennessee attic sheds new light on a famous phone call John F. Kennedy made to King's wife more than 50 years ago. Historians generally agree that Kennedy's phone call to Coretta Scott King expressing concern over her husband's arrest in October 1960 - and Robert...
January 7th, 2014
Written by Hamza Hendawi - Associated Press in Feature Stories with 0 Comments
Worshippers attend Orthodox Christmas Eve Mass, where an Oct. 2013 deadly drive-by-shooting killed several at a wedding party, in the Warraq neighborhood of Cairo, Egypt late Monday, Jan. 6, 2014.
Millions of Egyptian Christians thronged churches across this mainly Muslim nation for Christmas Mass, held Monday amid unusually tight security but with congregations filled with hope ahead of a key vote on a new constitution that enshrines equality and criminalizes discrimination. The stepped up security was in response to fears that Islamic militants loyal to ousted President Mohammed Morsi...
December 24th, 2013
Written by Jesse Washington - AP National Writer in Feature Stories with 0 Comments
In this Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 file photo, a pedestrian walks her bicycle past a silhouette of Jesus Christ projected against the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis King of France in New Orleans, two days ahead of the NFL Super Bowl football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. "I find it fascinating that that's what people really want to know -- what race was Jesus.
What is the race and color of Jesus, and why does it matter? For two thousand years, he has been worshipped and adored. Multitudes look to him each day. And yet nobody really knows the face of Jesus. That has not stopped humanity's imagination, or its yearning to draw Jesus as close as possible. So when this Christmas season brought a torrent of debate over whether Jesus was a white man, it...
December 24th, 2013
Written by Janice S. Ellis Ph.D. in Feature Stories with 0 Comments
During this Christmas season, one of the takeaways should be to work in whatever way we can to promote peace and goodwill in our families and communities. It really is the greatest gift we can exchange.
Whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or of some other religious or spiritual persuasion, the true meaning of Christmas, that of peace and goodwill toward men, should resonate with us all. But what has happened to the notion, the goal, of achieving peace in this war-torn, racially and ethnically divisive world – where unrest is not only present in distant lands but also right in...
December 24th, 2013
Written by Martha Mendoza in Feature Stories with 0 Comments
The education achievement gap persists among Hispanics, particularly in the state of California where the population is growing at a faster rate than in other states.
Hispanics lag behind in educational achievement despite being the fastest growing minority in the United States. While California has the fastest rate of growth of Hispanics, the wide achievement gap in education persists. As Hispanics surpass white Californians in population next year, the state becomes a potential model for the rest of the country, which is going through a slower but similar...


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