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July 6th, 2009
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portrait of an elder
Not long ago, administrators at the MetroHealth Skilled Nursing Center realized something was changing at the 144-bed Cleveland facility.“Almost every month I’ve been getting more and more calls from Hispanic elders and their families,” says Tina Szatala, the nursing home’s long-term care senior administrator.So last year, MetroHealth started offering seniors the option to room with another...
July 6th, 2009
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a belly dancer
Skull and crossbones accessories, black lace gloves, ghostly pale makeup and a black diamond-encrusted bra: Not the traditional kind of costume most of us expect a belly dancer to wear, unless of course, you’re watching Aepril Schaile perform Gothic belly dance.Schaile is part of a new phenomenon that mixes traditional Middle Eastern belly dancing with elements of so-called Goth culture. Yet,...
June 18th, 2009
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typography: The Changing Face of Suburbia
In the past 15 to 20 years, the basic character of the suburbs has been changing rapidly, and racial, ethnic and economic diversity is becoming more and more the norm in communities outside America’s central cities.“Suburbia is undergoing some of the most dynamic demographic change anywhere,” says Lawrence Levy, executive director of Hofstra University’s National Center for Suburban Studies in...
June 18th, 2009
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people of various ethnicities watching a concert
It sounds like the American dream. A hometown we all seek for our families – an attractive and friendly city with affordable housing, great schools (72 National Merit semi-finalists in 2008), low crime (the fifth-safest city in America, according to the FBI), numerous community organizations and activities for the kids, beautiful parks and green spaces, and plentiful, high-paying jobs. Sugar Land...
May 21st, 2009
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illustration with two people of different ethnicities
A ten-minute drive through Hazleton, Pa., reveals as much about the history of immigration and ethnic diversity, as it does the gastronomical tastes of a changing population, with menus boasting pierogies and pizza alongside eateries dishing up tamales and tostones.Like polka dots on an all-white background, Hispanic businesses like La Mexican Grocery and Crystal Barbeque compete along the same...