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A major way to break down racial and cultural barrier is through exploring new foods and sharing a meal. Celebrating the rich and delicious diversity of the world’s foodways and culinary traditions; and include personal reflections, anecdotes, and commentary will be featured. Recipes and eating traditions are included.
July 26th, 2013
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Whether you occasionally indulge in a slice of pizza or rely on it to get through your day, you should appreciate the birthplace of modern pizza -- Italy. This gorgeous country offers a smorgasbord of pizza options making it a food selection that is enjoyed across ethnic groups, and one of its more delectable options being the Margherita. This creation hales from the city many consider to be the...
July 20th, 2013
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We argued for a few minutes about the word Smörgåsbord, a Swedish word actually, but my Danish friend did finally admit that in Denmark they do have the same tradition, “but we serve different dishes and the word is still Swedish,” a Public Relations Coordinator for the Denmark National Tourist Office in New York insisted. The meaning however, is the same in all the Scandinavian countries: Simply...
July 4th, 2013
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Undhiyu 1
The country of India is alive with diversity in not only its culture but also the possibilities to feed ones palette. Each state within the country offers a smorgasbord of delights, and in the state of Gujarat, where Gandhi is from, the cuisine is primarily vegetarian sometimes with a bit of seafood influence since the state has a strong coastline. Even so, with the main religions in the country...
June 20th, 2013
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cooked shrimp
When I moved to the U.S. as a student from India, one of the first things my mother begged me to buy was fish. “When your dad went shopping last Sunday (the weekend after I left), he missed you so much at the fish counter, he couldn’t buy a thing and just came back with veggies,” she said over the phone. I, like most Bengalis — residents of the state of West Bengal in eastern India — love fish....
June 11th, 2013
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Nearly every culture in the world has a version of flatbread, which likely entered the human diet at around 6,000 B.C. The Babylonians baked flatbread beginning around 4,000 B.C. Flatbreads have long been integral to numerous racial groups including Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. When the Spanish arrived in the New World, they christened the flatbreads they found tortillas. Made since...


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