You Are Not Alone: Single Parent Resources Available For All

August 18, 2010
Written by Ann Marina in
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Single mother with child
Single mother with child

Health and social services agencies in many U.S. Cities offer support programs for single parents, contact local community health centers, and the state or county Department of Health Services, for information on local programs.

The following list is a brief sampling of programs and services available in various cities and states:


  • Lutheran Social Services of Illinois provides Single Parent Programs in Galesburg and West Peoria, including parenting classes, support groups, and vocational guidance based on each individual’s needs. Funded by the Illinois Department of Health Services, and the United Way, call 309-343-7681 in Galesburg, 309-671-0300 in West Peoria, or visit the website at

New York City:

  • The Single Parent Resource Center in mid-town Manhattan provides programs and services for single parents and their families. Visit the website or call 212-951-7030.
  • An online magazine for New York parents, called “New York Metro Parents,” contains helpful parenting articles, and a calendar of events for parents and families in New York City and surrounding areas.

Denver, Colorado:

  • Single Parent support groups provided through Families First Colorado is an organization that empowers parents, nurtures children, and strengthens families. Visit the website at or call 303-745-0327.

Educational support:

  • The Single Parent Success Foundation assists young single parents in getting an education or job training to become self-sufficient. Criteria must be met for program participation, such as, a single parent must have sole custody of the child, or children, have a financial need, fulfill a contract to earn educational units, maintain a minimum grade point average, and work a part-time job. The foundation is located in Irvine, California. Visit the website at or call 949-400-1800.


  • Jennifer Wolf guides single parents through the maze of endless online resources and information. Parents can connect in an online support community, and search various topics, including legal issues, financial help, education and career issues, family relationships, and taking time for you. Visit the website at

For Single Dads:

  • This online network addresses issues faced by single dads, and provides information and opportunities to connect with others. Visit the website at
  • The National Center for Fathering provides practical, research-based training and resources that empower men for effective fathering. The center provides seminars, small-group training, a radio program and website.

Single Mothers by Choice:

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