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Questions submitted by readers that reflect the concerns, confusion, discomfort, and misperceptions we all have about people whose race, ethnicity, cultural and religious traditions are different from our own. Responses to submitted questions will come from sociologists, psychologists, educators, anthropologists, authors, researchers, and even other readers. This department will not typically represent an opportunity for freelancers.
December 29th, 2010
Written by Laura Monroe in "Sticky Wicket" Questions with 0 Comments
Do Native Americans still view the “white man” as the enemy that stole their land and freedom? Do they believe other races and ethnicities are guilty of these acts as well? Or do they feel that these different cultures and ethnicities have no bearing on how the whites took the country away from them?This is an inherently tricky subject, as Native America today encompasses hundreds of different...
November 16th, 2010
Written by Alonzo Weston in "Sticky Wicket" Questions with 2 Comments
Dear Sticky Wicket:Is there any sociological basis to the perception that both black and white youth are growing increasingly violent? Is it true that white youth seem to plan their violent acts (like Columbine and other school shootings), while black youth commit random acts of violence in their communities?~Conflicted in AlaskaDear Conflicted In Alaska,If you judge by what you see and hear on...
November 10th, 2010
Written by Cindy Ferraino in "Sticky Wicket" Questions with 1 Comment
During the era of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, there was a prevalent concept that all white, blonde, blue-eyed males, which Hitler designated as the Aryan race, were intellectually superior over the darker-skinned Germans. Do we still make this racial distinction today? If so, how broad spread is it?Throughout our school years in History or Social Studies classes, we learned about Hitler’s idea that a...
October 25th, 2010
Written by Amy OLoughlin in "Sticky Wicket" Questions with 1 Comment
Tea Party
Dear Sticky Wicket, Based upon the Tea Party’s members/rally participants and its agenda on social programs, taxes, spending, immigration, and its tolerance of racist and derogatory posters at its gathering; do you think having a black president is fueling their efforts? Is the Tea Party movement racist? ~Pondering Politics, Spokane, WA Dear Pondering, It is too simplistic, and diminishes the Tea...
September 29th, 2010
Written by Cindy Ferraino in "Sticky Wicket" Questions with 0 Comments
Pingyao China
Dear Sticky Wicket,Does The Chinese Government Regulate The Birth Rate Of Girls? Is it true the Chinese government does not embrace the birth of girls?Is that why more girls are orphans and eligible for adoption? For many cultures, the birth of a male child is a celebrated event. This baby would soon be able to provide for his family and hopefully carry on his namesake on to the next generation...


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