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Research findings, reporting incidents, personal reflections, anecdotes, and commentary that illustrate the pervasive beliefs, the use and harmful effects of labels, stereotypes, slurs, and derogatory slang in contemporary society.
April 19th, 2013
Written by Glenn Minnis in Stereotypes & Labels with 2 Comments
Chicago violence targets youth in black and Latino neigborhoods. Chicago violence targets youth, the underlining tragedy born of all the death and violence now ravaging the youth and streets and of the nation’s second city solemnly revolves around the realization that soon there may be no next generation to save. Not only did Chicago lead the nation in homicides in 2012, over the last several...
April 10th, 2013
Written by Glenn Minnis in Stereotypes & Labels with 5 Comments
LL Cool J & Brad Paisley lyrics on race relations creates negative stir within both music genres. Music has long been celebrated as a language all of its own. Nonetheless, industry trendsetters LL Cool J. and Brad Paisley are being taking to task for what critics blast as their naïve lyrics on the issue of race relations. Conceptually ambitious by current industry standards, critics,...
April 10th, 2013
Written by Jennifer Peltz - Associated Press in Stereotypes & Labels with 0 Comments
Ending the NYPD stop and frisk policy is a national priority. NEW YORK (AP) - Ending the New York Police Department's extensive use of stop and frisk is a top goal for the nation's oldest civil rights organization, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said Tuesday in pressing for new laws to rein in a practice he said amounted to racial injustice on a massive scale. "Stop and frisk is the largest...
April 9th, 2013
Written by Rita Rizzo in Stereotypes & Labels with 3 Comments
Did Joan Rivers make a racist comment by saying, “A rich white boy shouldn't try to dress like a boy from the ghetto?” Is this a racist comment? If so, who is it racist against, rich white boys or boys from the ghetto?  It is a cringe-worthy statement, but what makes it sound so offensive? An Internet search yielded almost no reaction to the statement that Joan Rivers tweeted about Justin Bieber...
April 5th, 2013
Written by Alonzo Weston in Stereotypes & Labels with 2 Comments
Is the GOP re-inventing its image to be more inclusive to minorities and the poor?  The Republican Party hasn’t had much support from blacks and other minorities since the 1960s. It was during that period that the Party of Lincoln saw President Lyndon Johnson and his Democratic cohorts pass legislation to help minorities and the poor. The programs came under the banner of “The Great Society.”...


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