Eyes on Enterprise: Racism in Corporate America - Importance of Diversity

Examining entrepreneurship, business development, wealth creation, money management, and risk taking, across all races and ethnicities.
September 3rd, 2009
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More than 50 years after the advent of the Civil Rights Movement, some gaps between blacks and whites stubbornly remain. A January 2008 report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve shows that blacks lag behind whites in most of the economic indicators, such as home ownership and savings. The National Urban League tracks economic parity using several measures such as home ownership,...
June 8th, 2009
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Entrepreneurship is a road well-traveled by many Americans. Approximately 550,000 businesses are launched each month, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity. While those numbers represent a substantial trend of entrepreneurial endeavors, business ownership rates for some minority groups are lower than average. Latino rates exceed all ethnic groups, standing firm at 0.41...
April 28th, 2009
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Although the number of minority-owned businesses has grown significantly during the past 20 years, these firms continue to lag behind in economic indicators. Minority-owned firms represent only 2.7 percent of total U.S. gross receipts from all firms, only 4.3 percent of all national employment, only nine percent of U.S. firms with revenues of more than $500,000, and only five percent of U.S....
April 28th, 2009
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Compound interest is one of the most powerful tools we have working for us. For example: If an individual invests $100 a month for only10 years starting at age 25, that investment will result in $185,320 by the time that person retires at age 65, assuming a return of eight percent. However, an individual who invests $100 a month for 30 years starting at age 35, will only accumulate $150,030 by...


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