Billboards Of President Barack Obama: Disrespectful & Downright Unpatriotic

October 19, 2010
Written by Janice S. Ellis... in
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Colorado Billboard
Colorado Billboard depicting President Obama as a terrorist, ganster, Mexican bandit, and gay man.

It would be easy to say that the continual display of disrespect for President Barack Obama is the ultimate example that racism in this country is alive and well. No doubt, a case could be made that indeed the perpetrators and those who condone such acts are indeed racists.

What else can we conclude about the recent billboard in western Colorado that depicts President Barack Obama, in living color, as a terrorist, a gangster, a gay man, and a Mexican bandit? This, in the wake of the billboard where the Tea Party portrays him as a socialist along with Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx, certainly begs the question. Although the Colorado billboard was taken down, it was seen by not only our nation but the world at large before that happened.

Will we ever forget the congressman from South Carolina who felt comfortable calling President Obama a liar, out loud in a full house of Congress, for all the country and world to hear and see? A historical show of disrespect, not only for the man, but even worse the Office of President and the Halls of Congress.

All of these acts are unprecedented. Did you see such displays during the presidency of Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush? Did you see billboards depicting their factual transgressions — Richard Nixon as a bandit complicit in the planning of the Watergate break-in, Bill Clinton being in a compromising position with another woman, or George Bush dancing on a bar in a drunken stupor?

Has President Barack Obama been a gangster, terrorist, a Mexican bandit? Oh, and a gay gangster, terrorist, and bandit at that?

Every real and respectful American should be screaming: ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH. Not to do so reflects badly on all of us. I hate to think what some of our global neighbors must be thinking.

Such blatant demagoguery and derogatory acts are the ultimate show of disrespect for the office of the President of the United States of America. It is un-American. It reflects more negatively on the perpetrators and those who condone it than it does on President Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, there are those who simply cannot get over the fact that America has a black man as president. They are either unwilling or incapable of extending President Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt that he is a qualified and able leader. Just as good, even better than many of his white predecessors.

History will be the ultimate judge of President Barack Obama. But history will judge our actions or the lack thereof as well.


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Submitted by SAINTBON-2_075134EF on

I think this article leads a very good point. Why do we think we have such a right to be so disrespectful to our President? I think it's because racism still exists strongly in this country. Previous Presidents have never been so disrespected before, but then a black President comes along and people have no respect for him by creating these pictures. I think people don't always realize when they are crossing the line. I can only imagine what Obama thinks when he sees garbage like this. I think people need to accept him as our President and treat him with the utmost respect.