October 19th, 2012
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The colorful and musical New Orleans neighborhood called Treme is marking the 200th anniversary of its origins as an early melting pot for the city and the U.S. Treme is considered one of America's most unusual neighborhoods and holds significant place in the history of jazz. It is also getting some new energy thanks in part to the spotlight provided by the HBO series "Treme...
August 9th, 2010
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When I first visited France and heard we were going truffle hunting, I mistakenly thought, like many people, about chocolate truffles. Who hasn’t heard of chocolate truffles? In France, that’s blasphemy since everyone knows the French truffle has nothing to do with chocolate, and everything to do with fine dining ala the elusive mushroom. In fact, truffles are a type of subterranean mushroom that...
August 5th, 2010
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window with blue shutters and flowers
Dear Sticky Wicket,There is a prevailing perception that the French are great lovers. Is that true? What is the basis of that perception?By Talia PageOoh La La! The Italians, Australians, Latinos, British, and Spaniards each claim that they are the greatest lovers – and they’re not the only ones either. National magazines all over the world publish generally unverifiable statistics that “prove”...
July 28th, 2010
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musician performing at the Fete de la Musique, New York.
On June 21 each year, the entire city of New York pulsates with free musical events in hundreds of public spaces.“Make Music New York” is one of the “Fete de la Musique” summer festivals that originated in France, and since its inception in 1982, this annual event has expanded to over 100 countries.  “People bring out their instruments and perform all over the city,” said Herve Salters, Paris-...
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