March 27th, 2013
Written by Marlene Caroselli in Business Biases & Building Blocks, Other with 1 Comment
Say the word “diversity” and others will probably think immediately of the adjective “racial” as a preceding adjective. “Diversity,” of course, is a word with many, many definitions. Yes, the most common is racial diversity, but — especially in the workplace — diverse associations are equally common. The word could apply to the difference between people of different genders, different sexual...
March 14th, 2013
Written by James Patrick Anderson in Religion's Mighty Rivers, Other with 1 Comment
Daniel the Prophet has lessons for the future as contemporary society confronts obstacles and challenges as it sorts out the role of religion and the Church. In light of the election of Pope Francis, it is not only a time to reflect on Francis of Assisi after whom it is said he patterned his life, but it is also a good time to reflect on the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible....
October 13th, 2011
Written by Rebecca Fortner in Latest News, Other with 0 Comments
Policy makers have made advances in education with the passing of bully laws. State to state, educational administrators use these laws to take a stand against situations long been neglected by the general public. Bullying as defined in general is any attempt to verbally or physically intimidate, hurt, or cause distress or fear in an individual on the part of another, or group of others.According...
August 12th, 2011
Written by Janice S. Ellis Ph.D. in Other with 0 Comments
Whether it is white teenagers beating a black man to death in Jackson, Miss., or a group of black teens attacking white people in West Allis, Wis. a (suburb of Milwaukee), the negative impact such incidents have on race relations is costly and enduring. And, when we as a society refuses, time and again, to take the necessary steps to address the root causes of such behavior, the negative impact...
March 9th, 2011
Written by Shawn Flaherty in Other with 0 Comments
Editors Note: The Whitehouse is hosting a conference on March 10, 2011 on the topic of bullying.WASHINGTON, DC — In response to a number of high-profile cases, the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), the nation’s oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization, tackles the issue of bullying as a form of abuse in its recent Children’s Voice magazine, which has a broad readership...


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