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Exploring common values, living conditions, arts & cultural traditions and practices that cross racial, ethnic, generational, religious, and geographic boundaries; and destinations that offer opportunities to explore and enjoy the diversity and commonalities of the world’s peoples, places, and cultures.
September 30th, 2014
Written by Darlene Superville - Associated Press in Common Ties That Bind, Feature Stories, Race Relations with 2 Comments
President Barack Obama speaks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 44th Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner in Washington, Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. Obama told the audience that the mistrust of law enforcement that was exposed after the fatal police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, has a corrosive effect on all of America, not just on black communities.
President Barack Obama says the widespread mistrust of law enforcement is having a corrosive effect on the nation, and particularly its children. The fatal police shootings of unarmed black men occur in too many communities. He blames the feeling of wariness on persistent racial disparities in the administration of justice. Obama said these misgivings only serve to harm communities that are most...
September 29th, 2014
Written by Jim Kuhnhenn - Associated Press in Common Ties That Bind, Feature Stories, Race Relations with 0 Comments
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced he will be leaving the post after six years of service. He will remain in the position until President Obama names his replacement.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is leaving after serving six years as attorney general of the United States. He is among the longest serving attorney generals in the history of this nation. Only three others have served longer. It wasn't difficult for Barack Obama and Eric Holder to be in the same orbit. Both were sons of immigrants, Columbia grads, basketball fans and prominent African-...
September 25th, 2014
Written by Colleen Long - Associated Press in Common Ties That Bind, Race Relations with 0 Comments
As hate crimes increase against Jewish people, they vary from anti-Semitic statements circulation of fliers with swastikas, to assaults and vandalism.
Jews and Muslims are becoming victims of hate crimes more and more. Suspected hate crimes against Jewish and Muslim people have increased in New York City following unrest overseas this summer, but the attacks are random and not from any organized group, police officials said Wednesday. Deputy Chief Michael Osgood, who heads the special victims division, said there's been an increase since July 1...
September 19th, 2014
Written by Allen G. Breed in Common Ties That Bind, National Collegiate Dialogue, Race Relations with 34 Comments
Too many police departments and their officers and other personnel do not reflect the people who make up the communities that they serve.
More diverse police departments are needed to reflect the population of the communities they serve. This has become increasingly clear in the wake of recent police shootings and other incidents involving white policemen and blacks being arrested, beaten, shot, or killed. But many departments will readily acknowledge that that goal continues to go unachieved for a number of reasons. The need is...
September 17th, 2014
Written by Jesse J Holland in Common Ties That Bind, National Collegiate Dialogue, Race Relations with 8 Comments
Minorities are often portrayed negatively in newspapers and on television.
Blacks and Hispanics distrust the media when it comes to reporting news and general information about their respective communities in a factual and balanced way. In fact, a new study shows a large majority of black and Hispanic news consumers don't fully trust the media to portray their communities accurately, a statistic that could be troubling for the news industry as the minority population of...


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