Education, the Great Equalizer

February 18th, 2010
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Percy Lavon Julian working in a lab
Hidden stories, like hidden jewels, are often the most treasured and precious possessions we could ever hope to find. Such is the case with the story of Percy Lavon Julian, one of America’s preeminent chemists, business leaders, and civil rights pioneers. Like a buried treasure, the story of this brilliant American offers as much value because of what it teaches us about our past, as it inspires...
February 11th, 2010
Written by Jessica Rodriguez in Education, the Great Equalizer with 0 Comments
Luis Walter Alvarez liked to ask tough questions. As an experimental scientist, Dr. Alvarez used his innate curiosity to answer some of science’s most fundamental queries and change the way people understood the world. Alvarez’s interest in science was a family legacy. Alvarez, born June 13, 1911, in San Francisco to Dr. Walter C. Alvarez, a second-generation Cuban American physician and...


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