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June 10th, 2014
Written by Kevin McGill in Education, the Great Equalizer, Race Relations with 0 Comments
In New Orleans, the complaint said, poorly performing schools with higher percentages of black students are more likely to be closed than schools with higher white enrollment. It also says white students are disproportionately enrolled at higher performing schools.
Are more black schools than white being closed as communities seek to set up more charter schools that are run by independent organizations? There are complaints against governing boards and agencies running public schools in Chicago, Newark and now New Orleans. Representatives of two community groups in New Orleans have called for the resignation of state Education Superintendent John White...
June 9th, 2014
Written by Travis Loller in Religion's Mighty Rivers, Race Relations with 0 Comments
Will Rev. Dennis Kim become the first Korean-American to lead the Southern Baptist Convention?
Will a Korean-American pastor become the head of the Southern Baptist Convention, continuing efforts to show a commitment to ethnic and geographic diversity of the largest white Protestant group based in the South? Southern Baptists elected their first African-American president two years ago in a move widely seen as a watershed for efforts to broaden the appeal of the nation's largest Protestant...
January 8th, 2014
Written by Chris Tomlinson in Education, the Great Equalizer, Race Relations with 0 Comments
A three-judge federal appeals court heard arguments for a second time in November 2014 week after the U.S. Supreme Court sent the case back for a closer look at the affirmative action case. Court observers believe conservative justices may be ready to reconsider past affirmative action decisions.
A federal appeals court is again judging the school's fairness and drafting a ruling that could change college affirmative action programs nationwide, sixty-seven years after the first lawsuit over who gets to attend the University of Texas. On one side, officials at the flagship campus in Austin insist they've developed a system that subtly includes race as one of seven factors for considering...
January 7th, 2014
Written by John Rogers - Associated Press in Race & Politics, Race Relations with 0 Comments
Black and Latino voters were discriminated against in Palmdale, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.
Black and Latino voters were discriminated against in a citywide election in Palmdale, California. Palmdale has been ordered to hold a new election for City Council members next year after a Superior Court judge concluded there was discrimination against black and Latino voters in citywide races involving the panel in the Los Angeles suburb. "The current members of the Palmdale City Council were...
September 22nd, 2013
Written by Jill Lawless - Associated Press in Religion's Mighty Rivers, Race Relations with 1 Comments
Women in Muslim veils
In Britain this week, a judge struck a blow against religious oppression. Or for religious freedom. It all depends who you ask. Judge Peter Murphy ruled that a female Muslim defendant may stand trial wearing a face-covering veil - but must remove it when giving evidence. The case has reignited a debate about Muslim veils that has flared across Europe, sparking protests and exacerbating religious...


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