September 2013

September 28th, 2013
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Connecticut's Secretary of the State Denise Merrill marked National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday by encouraging high schoolers to register to vote.
Connecticut high school students are registering to vote and encouraging others to do the same, thanks to an effort by the state's top elections official. Secretary of the State Denise Merrill announced at Berlin High School the launch of a voter registration contest for high school students. Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day. The high school team that signs up the most new voters will...
September 27th, 2013
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The Obama Adminstration renewed is support of college admissions policies that support affirmitive action, even in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that opens the door to future challenges.
The Obama administration encouraged colleges and universities to continue using admissions policies that increase diversity among their students, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that could potentially open the door to more challenges. "Racially diverse educational environments help to prepare students to succeed in our increasingly diverse nation," the administration said in a letter to...
September 27th, 2013
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A new report shows that many disparities and inequities still exist for women in America, and the conditions are even worse for minority women.
There is little doubt the role of women in the United States has changed considerably over the past few decades, with more women entering the workforce, winning public office, and seeing victories for their health rights. But despite these advancements, substantial inequalities remain in all of these areas, according to a September 25 report, "The State of Women in America: A 50-State Analysis...
September 25th, 2013
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Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to allow female, Muslim workers to wear head scarves as part of a settlement of a discrimination lawsuit.
Abercrombie settles a discrimination lawsuit that was brought because they fired one Muslim worker and refused to hire another for wearing a hijab, the traditional head scarf worn by many Muslim women. Trendy clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to make religious accommodations and allow workers to wear head scarves as part of a settlement of discrimination lawsuits filed in...
September 24th, 2013
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First Black German Parliamentarians
Germany has elected its first black members to Parliament, A chemist and an actor - both with family roots in Senegal - have become Germany's first black federal lawmakers, according to official election results released Monday. They were among 34 lawmakers with immigrant backgrounds to win seats in Sunday's election, up from 21 in the previous term, said the Migration Media Service, a group that...