January 2010

January 26th, 2010
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The damaged Pentagon after 9/11
Are we, like the generations of Americans before us prepared for the “War of the 21st Century?” President Obama, Congress, our troops, and our nation require the united support of every citizen in this country. It must be a collective New Year resolve because the war on terrorism is unlike any war previously fought. This war will last long into our future history, and it will require us to attack...
January 26th, 2010
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men and women dancing
Above the crowded, hardwood dance floor, hips gyrate, shoulders shimmy, feet hop and slide to a spicy Latin beat. A long, mirrored wall reflects sparks of childlike excitement in dancing eyes. It feels like Saturday night at a Salsa hot spot, but it's actually Wednesday morning at the YMCA in Bonita Springs, Florida. In stretch pants, T-shirt, and glittering belly dance belt, Angeli Chin-Franz...
January 22nd, 2010
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These days, the term gentrifier is like a dirty word.Mention that you are a gentrifier, and many may think of a yuppie type person that drinks Frappacino’s, has tons of money, belittles “locals,” and infiltrates communities.He says higher income minorities, like African-Americans, can also be gentrifiers, but often escape the label.“Race is more visible than class in the United States,” Freeman...
January 22nd, 2010
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Stock market ticker
The road from Main Street to Wall Street is rough and only sometimes worth the trip. Selling private company shares on a public stock market—called an Initial Public Offering (IPO)—requires significant planning and financing. Filing registration documents with U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and preparing an investment prospectus can take up to four months. Legal and accounting fees...
January 21st, 2010
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Dear Sticky Wicket,Can we do away with “hyphens” for everyone and settle for calling ourselves Americans? Maybe emphasizing the sameness of all of us instead of the differences would go a long way to eliminating racial divides.~Joyce Campbell, Whittier, CADear Joyce,Celebrating our “sameness” would seem ideal and plausible in a perfect society — one in which cultural differences are points of...