December 2009

December 31st, 2009
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The clichéd image of Seattle is of a gray and gloomy place where it rains constantly. But the Emerald City (as those who live there prefer it to be known) bursts forth with abundant greenery, a reasonable number of sunny days and less annual precipitation than New York, Atlanta or Houston.What’s also surprising is the cultural flavor that colors the Puget Sound area, derived from its unique blend...
December 28th, 2009
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Cinnamon is second only to black pepper as the most popular seasoning in Europe and the United States. It is an integral flavor in Germany’s gingerbread and pfeffernusse cookies, Jewish Chanukkah doughnuts, Passover cake, and the Italian dessert, risotto. Mexican cuisine uses it in flan and chocolate, Morrocan and Middle Eastern cuisines use it when preserving lemons, and the French enhance...
December 24th, 2009
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Christmas decoration resembling Earth
The air carries a thick scent of roasting meat as children scramble around the tree to see what Santa left for them. The adults look back on the passing of another year and forward to the changes of the next.It's Christmas - a time for love and peace on earth, charity, celebration and togetherness.Across the world, every culture celebrates in a different way - some have festivals based on...
December 22nd, 2009
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Janice S. Ellis
Too often, we define the state of our heath and happiness, our security and prosperity by the state of our pocketbook or bank accounts. If we can afford to enjoy the kind of life style that we desire – whether that is defined by a type of house, a kind of automobile, how many times we go out for dinner, go out on the town, or simply how much money we may have squirreled away – we somehow equate...
December 21st, 2009
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adolescent holding Christmas present
It was Christmas time. And while I don’t remember exactly how old I was, maybe 11 or 12, it was a Christmas that aroused much curiosity. As was customary, we finished our traditional Italian Christmas feast of pastas, lasagna, salads with artichokes, anchovies, garlic, oil and vinegar and pepperoni and, of course, plenty of fresh Italian bread. After we finished our meal, the family gathered in...