Pregnant Teens Regardless Of Race Or Ethnicity Often Face Shunning From Peers

December 8, 2011
Written by Rebecca Fortner in
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Though teen pregnancy seems to happen daily, the teens often only have family to turn to because even their closest friends shun them once they are no longer able to do the things everyone else is doing. Photo Credit:

Despite the interventions and the endless amounts of available information, teen pregnancy does occur across all racial and ethnic boundaries. One needs only to think back over their youth and remember how intense the emotions were during their own teen years before casting judgment. At a time when a teen should be thinking about college and the prom, an unexpected pregnancy may have them thinking about how they are going to pay the ultra sound bill.

Teens, regardless of race or ethnicity, that choose to carry through with their pregnancy, both male and female, often face insults, and ridicule and at the very least, quietly shunned. Former friends simply just stop communicating with the pregnant teen, leaving them lonely and feeling isolated due to the pregnancy. Opportunities formerly available fade quickly away, such as any club or sports that they may have been involved with, leaving them yet even more alone.

Despite the options for a quick fix to the unexpected problems, young ladies that decide to follow through with an unexpected pregnancy should be looked upon with wonder and awe at their bravery. Some of these young women may face the prospect of having a child without the support of the father or even their own family. Just the thought of being in a situation of this type is terrifying to anyone, yet somehow, these young ladies manage to find the strength, and with help, can be successful.

Communities and this nation should offer every educational support available to these seemingly fearless young ladies who choose to have their child. Attending school after the birth of their child is nearly as difficult because the decisions they must make for the future may not be the same as their peers. This fact also creates a form of isolation.

Individuals who do not judge their decisions should guide these teen girls and boys in the choices they make, which ultimately affect the social and economical status of the mother and child. And these teens should receive every opportunity to improve their situation. The ability to raise a child begins with an education and every opportunity to provide the new parents with the chance to finish high school should be a top priority. Once successfully finished, they then have a foundation for employment or higher education, and a greater success rate as a young parent raising a child. Anyone that has ever walked through a preschool or elementary will rapidly realize that babies of all races and ethnicities are gifts, despite the fact that they sometimes have bad timing.

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Submitted by CSULB-VZamd15S2012 on

It is unfortunate that these pregnant teenage girls are the ones that are ridiculed the most, while the teenage fathers are kind of in the dark. There are definitely some occasions where the teenage boys face shunning, but I think that for the majority, it is the girls who are given the most grief by their young peers. I definitely like the idea of giving these teenage girls a proper education and a safe environment.