Launches National Collegiate Dialogue on Race Relations

July 13, 2010, Kansas City, MO--Beginning in September 2010, will launch and host a National Collegiate Dialogue on Race Relations. It is an unprecedented and historic undertaking.

Janice S. Ellis, founder and publisher of said, "The purpose of this major initiative is to foster a sustained conversation about race relations in America. Such a conversation is necessary to bring about an honest assessment of where we are, stimulate active engagement in the development of constructive strategies, and ignite the level of commitment to take actions on where we need to go. "Such a broad and sustained conversation is paramount if we are to achieve real improvements and advancement in the conditions of all humanity." is inviting colleges and universities from across the country to become a part of the sustained conversation, ultimately functioning as agents of change—the effects of which can be seen in the broader society.
Since issuing the invitation in mid-June, more than twenty of the nation’s colleges and universities have signed up to participate in the dialogue.

Currently, articles, research papers, and lectures that will be used in the dialogue throughout the 2010-2011 academic year are being submitted. They will focus on many areas and issues, including but not limited to:

  • Education—achievement gap/disparities, opportunities, trends across racial/ethnic groups
  • Sociology—stereotypes and social norms, intergenerational issues regarding perceptions about race and ethnicity
  • Work Place—how race plays in job placement, career growth, wealth accumulation, etc.
  • Community—physical lines of demarcation, housing, home ownership.
  • Family values—the ever changing roles, and traditions, as well as the short-term/long-term impact
  • Politics—the potential influence of the Changing Face of America; by 2050, America will be a nation of minorities. What are the implications?
  • Any other area that will shed enlightenment, stimulate conversation, and increase understanding is the only online magazine that is "About Us-All of Us." Contributors representing all racial and ethnic groups from across the nation and abroad write for the e-magazine and other departments on the website. The magazine and website covers a broad platform of topics that tackles the tough issues surrounding race relations as it seeks to fulfill its mission to achieve better understanding about our differences, celebrate our commonalities, and build a foundation to tackle those issues that continue to divide us. A quick visit to the website shows that addresses many facets of race and ethnicity. is a convenient reservoir of information, a conduit, and a "gathering place," to explore real solutions in our efforts to become a more vibrant and inclusive society.