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March 8th, 2013
Written by Frances D’Emilio - Associated Press in Race & Politics, Latest News with 0 Comments
ROME (AP) - Comic Beppe Grillo's populist tirades were seen as a benign outlet for popular anger in the days his protest movement was a sideshow in Italian politics. Now that he's one of Italy's most powerful figures, his views are coming under greater scrutiny - and a history of anti-Semitic statements have started to raise concern outside the country. Grillo's 5-Star Movement captured a quarter...
March 7th, 2013
Written by Brock Vergakis - Associated Press in Education, the Great Equalizer, Latest News with 0 Comments
ATLANTA (AP) - Ariadne Partlow dreamed of graduating Spelman College and moving on to medical school, but instead of studying biology this semester, she worked at a fast-food Chinese restaurant. The Jackson, Tenn., native was among thousands of students who unexpectedly either had to stay at home, transfer to a less expensive school or find new money when the U.S. Department of Education quietly...
March 7th, 2013
Written by Laura Olson - Associated Press in Race & Politics, Latest News with 0 Comments
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - GOP strategist Karl Rove said Saturday that rebuilding the Republican brand in California will be a tough task that will require them to diversify and create a strategy to spread their message to a wider audience. Referring to the state party's deep losses in recent years, Rove said, it needs to focus on larger themes of restoring jobs and reducing government spending....
March 7th, 2013
Written by Josef Federman - Associated Press in Religion's Mighty Rivers, Latest News with 0 Comments
JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's decision to launch a pair of "Palestinian-only" bus lines in the West Bank on Monday - presented by the government as a goodwill gesture, assailed by critics as racism, and welcomed by Palestinian riders - is shining a light on the messy situation created by 45 years of military occupation and Jewish settlements in the area. While full and formal peace remains distant,...
March 4th, 2013
Written by Marlene Caroselli in Latest News, National Collegiate Dialogue with 34 Comments
Creative Diversity illustration
Susan Von Tobel is a Marriage and Family therapist with a Master’s of Science in Education. Motivated by her love of children and the desire to help them understand diversity, she has authored three children’s books: Mei Ling’s Forever Mommy, which explores cultural diversity; Timmy’s Journey, which looks at family diversity; and Mei-Mei's New Home, which examines diversity through abandonment...


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