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Exploring common values, living conditions, arts & cultural traditions and practices that cross racial, ethnic, generational, religious, and geographic boundaries; and destinations that offer opportunities to explore and enjoy the diversity and commonalities of the world’s peoples, places, and cultures.
February 25th, 2014
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 In announcing the event, the LBJ Library said the summit will both look back at the movement and address the issues still lingering in the U.S. and globally. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama are expected to attend. Panel discussions will feature civil rights leaders, academics and LBJ's daughters, Luci Baines Johnson and Lynda Johnson Robb.
The LBJ Presidential Library announced it is hosting a major civil rights summit featuring at least two former presidents and marking the 50th anniversary of Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act. Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton will speak at the event, to be held April 8-10 in Austin. Organizers are working with former President George W. Bush to have him give a keynote...
February 14th, 2014
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People work at a site in downtown Miami, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, which is likely to be of the most significant prehistoric sites in the United States of Tequesta Indian dwellings, dating back 2,000 years.
As more Native American archaeological sites are being uncovered around the United States, the findings are posing difficult questions for the cities where they are found. In Miami, a major prehistoric Native American village has been discovered at a downtown site where developers plan to construct a movie theater, condos and hotel building. The discovery has pitted developers against...
February 6th, 2014
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Black History month should highlight the contributions and struggles of individuals throughout human history, including Harriet Tubman (l), Maya Angelou (c), and W. E. B. DuBois (r).
February is Black History Month, a good time to study and recognize the contributions and struggles of blacks throughout history, and especially in America. Black history is about more than slavery and the civil rights movement. It also is about ancient civilizations that built great cities, made important scientific discoveries and built great societies. To not understand these aspects of black...
January 28th, 2014
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Anti-Semitic acts, including the delivery of packages with pig heads, are occurring in the Jewish community in Rome.
Italy's president has condemned threats against Rome's Jewish community in recent days, including the delivery of packages containing pig heads, as a "miserable provocation". President Giorgio Napolitano said Monday during Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations that recent insults to the Jewish community are "comparable only to the repugnant material in those packages." Police on Monday said they...
January 15th, 2014
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Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed Carlos Lopez-Cantera as Lieutenant Governor, making history by appointed the first Hispanic to that position. Lopez-Cantera was born in Madrid, Spain, but was raised in Miami.
Florida Governor Rick Scott made history when he appointed the first Hispanic to the position of lieutenant governor. Scott is already in a potentially tough fight for re-election. Ending a guessing game that stretched on for nearly 10 months, Scott named Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Carlos Lopez-Cantera to the post. Lopez-Cantera will also be Scott's running mate in the November elections....


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